mandag 2. august 2021

Why Taiwan Is Beating COVID-19 – Again

During the pandemic, Taiwan went about business as usual. Schools were open, concerts were playing, theaters were packed. Restaurants were bustling, the economy was booming, and expatriates and overseas Taiwanese flooded into the island. Taiwan was among a group of fortunate countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, and Singapore, whose citizens went about business as usual as tight borders, strict quarantine rules, and excellent contract tracing kept the virus at bay.

That enviable routine came to an end in mid-May 2021 when an outbreak of COVID-19 transmission upended everyday life. Yet, COVID-19 cases have fallen significantly in recent days. New cases per day have fallen from 535 on May 17 to an average of fewer than 20 in the past seven days. On July 26, Taiwan reported a new low of 10 cases of community transmission.