lørdag 7. august 2021

Tencent curbs on gaming time will shock markets but please many parents

China’s regulators are on the march again, pushing one of the country’s most valuable technology companies, Tencent, into announcing fresh curbs designed to limit the time children spend playing its computer games. The announcement may have led to a collapse in Tencent’s shares, but the measures will be eyed with mild jealousy by many western parents.

Minors playing the company’s hit title Honor of Kings will now only be allowed to play for a single hour each day, and two hours on holidays. It will also block children under 12 from spending money in-game. Such restrictions are nothing new. Honor of Kings already limited the time young players could spend in-game, though with slightly more generous limits. In 2018, it even began trialling a new technology it called the “midnight-patrol”: using facial recognition to identify young players trying to log-on to their accounts between 10 at night and 8am. Last month, the company rolled that technology out across 60 of its games.