onsdag 11. august 2021

Swiss embassy urges Chinese media to remove articles about scientist

The Swiss embassy in China has urged Chinese media to take down articles and posts it says contain "false" news. In a Twitter post, the embassy said an alleged Swiss biologist who had been quoted in Chinese media in recent days likely did not exist. State media outlets were among those that carried articles with comments from "Wilson Edwards" on the origins of Covid-19 and the WHO's independence. Many outlets have since removed any reference to him.

"While we appreciate the attention on our country, the Embassy of Switzerland must unfortunately inform the Chinese public that this news is false," the Swiss embassy said in a statement posted on Twitter. Organisations including CGTN, Shanghai Daily and Global Times had cited the so-called biologist based on his Facebook profile. However, the Swiss embassy said the Facebook account was opened two weeks ago and only had three friends. "It is likely that this Facebook account was not opened for social networking purposes," the Swiss embassy added.