torsdag 26. august 2021

Shen Yiqin, a party history expert, is the leading female candidate for Politburo promotion in 2022

Emerging from the Guizhou Connect political faction, a southwestern China clique with many crossovers with the Zhijiang New Army, Shen Yiqin is the most obvious female candidate for promotion to the Politburo in 2022. Shen’s party-building experience and fast-track into provincial-level cadre leadership positions point to her ascending into the Politburo in 2022.

Before 2002, there had been no women in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Politburo since the 1982 12th Central Committee, where Kang Keqingserved on a then 29-member Politburo. Having at least one woman on the Politburo has been institutionalized as rule since 2002, though many rules are now being abandoned. Shen is also ethnolinguistically Bai, a southwest China minority group, adding value to her identity politics at the national level. Representation of women and ethnic groups are both important promotion factors in elite CCP politics. Both other female leaders at the provincial leadership level are also ethnic minorities.