søndag 1. august 2021

Myanmar becoming a super-spreader Covid state

Myanmar is facing a catastrophic health crisis that could have ramifications not just for the country’s long-suffering people, but across the region as well. The country is experiencing a major spike in Covid cases — what one Doctors Without Borders official referred to as “uncontrolled community spread” — fuelled by the military junta’s gross mismanagement of the crisis and a collapsing health sector.

The regime’s official Covid statistics are running at around 6,000 cases and 300 deaths per day, but no one believes these are accurate. This is, after all, the junta that staged a military coup in February and then tried to argue it was constitutionally valid. With only 2.8% of Myanmar’s 54 million people fully vaccinated, there are now concerns the country could become a “Covid superspreader state.” And this could lead to the emergence of new variants, says the UN’s special rapporteur for human rights in Myanmar.