lørdag 28. august 2021

More Than Half of Americans Would Support Military Defense of Taiwan

More than 50 percent of the American public would support U.S. military intervention to defend Taiwan against invasion by China, according to a recent opinion survey in the U.S. "When asked about a range of potential scenarios, just over half of Americans (52 percent) favor using U.S. troops to defend if China were to invade the island," the Chicago Council Survey said in a report on its website. "This is the highest level ever recorded in the Council’s surveys dating back to 1982, when the question was first asked."

Survey data showed that a majority of Americans supported a range of U.S. policies towards Taiwan including official recognition as an independent country, inclusion in international organizations, and a U.S.-Taiwan free trade agreement, it said. "Chinese intimidation of Taiwan has increased since 2016, demonstrated by naval drills in the Taiwan Strait, incursions into Taiwanese airspace, and economic coercion targeted at Taiwanese industries," the report said.

However, 47 percent believed the U.S. shouldn't sell arms or military equipment to Taiwan, compared with 50 percent who believed it should. Sixty percent of Republicans polled supported military intervention over Taiwan, compared with 50 percent of Democrats.