søndag 29. august 2021

Gordon Chang: China Is an Existential Threat to the U.S. | Opinion

I believe that China is a threat to the United States and to the international community. I also believe it's more than just a competitor, as president Biden has said, and it's more than just an adversary. It is actually our enemy. We don't need to speculate about that because in May 2019, People's Daily, the most authoritative publication in China, declared a "people's war" on the U.S. That's more than just rhetoric. We know that the tactics against us have been malicious and they have pursued them relentlessly.

For instance, we know that last year, and perhaps the beginning of this year, that China was inciting violence on American streets with a purpose of overthrowing our government. That's more than just subversion. That's an act of war. We have seen, perhaps, China actually organize demonstrators on American streets. There is credible evidence of that—especially May 31, one block north of the White House, the night that St. John's Church was burned.

But in any event, we know that China has been malicious. They're accusing the U.S. of starting COVID-19. And this has been a constant propaganda theme of China's. We know that China steals hundreds of billions of dollars of U.S. intellectual property each year. China is attempting to take down our government, and we've got to understand that our policies have got to be reciprocal.