søndag 29. august 2021

Exhausted and without hope, East Asian youth are 'lying flat'

As a high schooler growing up in a small town in eastern China, Li Xiaoming dreamed of moving to a big city where he could have a better life.Now 24, Li just wants to take a rest. Across the country, young people like Li — who requested to be referred to by that pseudonym because he fears career and political repercussions for his views— are getting tired of the fierce competition for college and jobs, and the relentless rat race once they get hired.

They're now embracing a new philosophy they've called "tang ping," or "lying flat." The phrase apparently traces its origins to a post earlier this year in an online forum run by the Chinese search giant Baidu. The author of that now-deleted postsuggested that instead of working one's entire life chasing after an apartment and traditional family values, people should pursue a simple life.

In other words, just "lie flat."