torsdag 12. august 2021

'Crazy, Tiny Country': China Media Lashes Out at Lithuania Over Taiwan

The outspoken editor of a Chinese government mouthpiece published a tirade against Lithuania on Tuesday after the Baltic nation refused to reverse a decision to open a de facto Taiwan embassy in its capital. Hu Xijin, who heads up the Chinese Communist Party tabloid the Global Times, expressed some surprise at Lithuania's resolve, which appears to have held in spite of the threat of a diplomatic fallout.

Hu lashed out at the Lithuanian government on Weibo, China's main social media service, and carried the same sentiments into an editorial on the state-owned tabloid's website. "Lithuania is a crazy, tiny country full of geopolitical fears," he wrote, accusing Vilnius of siding with the U.S. against China. The Baltic state "has gone the furthest on the anti-China path in Europe," he said. He added: "It is rare to see small countries like Lithuania that specifically seek to worsen relations with major powers."