lørdag 14. august 2021

China’s zero-Covid policy is so strict that it shut down a whole shipping terminal after just one case

China has shut down a key terminal at its Ningbo-Zhoushan port, the third busiest port in the world, after one worker was found to be infected by Covid — a move that will likely put further pressure on already stretched supply networks. It was the second time this year that the country suspended operations at one of its key ports.

Analysts say China’s “zero tolerance” approach toward Covid will exacerbate already stressed supply chains this year. Some warn that this may not be the last closure at a port as long as Beijing continues to take this stance. Dawn Tiura, CEO of Sourcing Industry Group — an association for the sourcing and procurement industry, said China’s stance will lead to “severe” supply chain consequences. “China has a zero tolerance for COVID. One person testing positive is enough to shut down (the) port,” she told CNBC in an email.