lørdag 28. august 2021

China's Ruling Party Extends Purge of Celebrities, Fan Culture

China's internet regulator is cracking down on online celebrity and fan club culture, as a popular actress had all of her work removed from public view after being designated an "inferior artist." "Cancel all star artist lists along with all ranking lists involving celebrities," the Cyberspace Administration said in a directive posted to its official website on Friday. "The addition of new or disguised lists of personalities, or their related products or functions is forbidden."

Only rankings of movies and TV shows may remain, but with no stars mentioned, while the rankings should give less weight to online likes and comments and more to "professional evaluation," it said, adding that fans should not be provided with buttons to boost the rankings of their favorite celebrities.

Celebrity agents should also better moderate the behavior of fan club social media groups and accounts, and shut them down fan club if flame wars, rumor-mongering and personal abuse persist, the administration said. Fans shouldn't be ranked according to how much merchandise they have bought, and any other activities designed to stimulate fan consumption should be stopped, it said. The directive came as actresses Vicki Zhao and Zheng Shuang were barred from social media sites, which deleted any content linked to the pair.