tirsdag 31. august 2021

China Wants to Ban Written Exams for Young Pupils. Parents Are Not Happy

The Chinese government is ordering schools to drastically cut the number of exams, as part of the state’s sweeping reform to ease the burden on students. China’s education ministry said on Monday that primary school students should not be asked to take written exams in the first and second grades, while older pupils could be given only one exam at the end of every semester.

The policy is being imposed as part of a broader state initiative to reduce students’ academic load, the ministry said in an online statement. In July, the government announced a ban on for-profit afterschool tutoring, which helps students get ahead in subjects like mathematics and English. The ban has caused a stock market sell-off and a wave of lay-offs in the once-lucrative education industry. The government said the goal is to take some pressure off students, cut their parents’ education spending, and ensure children’s healthy growth. Some analysts have said authorities also wanted to strengthen the dominance of public schools and encourage people to have more children.