mandag 9. august 2021

China Stops Issuing New Passports, Slaps Entry, Exit Curbs on Citizens

China has stopped issuing new passports to its citizens and has imposed entry and exit controls on its population, citing the recent surge in the Delta variant of COVID-19, but commentators say the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is using the pandemic as a pretext to curb freedom of movement. Chinese nationals living in mainland China have told RFA in recent months that the authorities have gradually stopped issuing new passports and exit visas -- a police-approved travel permit that adds another layer to a slew of hurdles Chinese nationals must clear in order to be allowed to leave.

The Chinese Entry and Exit Bureau recently confirmed publicly that the rules are in place, saying exit permits will only be issued for "essential" travel.

"We will be implementing a strict approvals systems with no permits for non-emergency or non-essential trips out of China, to ensure public safety during the pandemic," spokesman Chen Jie told a news conference on July 30.