mandag 9. august 2021

China scraps birth penalties as baby crisis looms

China has quietly scrapped most, if not all, its draconian birth control penalties as authorities reverse policy recourse to tackle a looming demographic crisis. The State Council and Communist Party’s Central Committee laid out the changes in an updated document on the implementation of its revamped population policy paper at the end of July. The changes follow the earlier easing of family planning restrictions to enable and encourage couples to have up to three children.

Beijing has granted more childbearing autonomy to its people with a moratorium on laws and measures, ranging from fines, internment camps, jail and even forced abortions, that aimed to deter unapproved pregnancies as part of a one-child policy that was introduced in 1982. Now, couples wanting more than three babies will not face legal action as the nation’s demographic picture is a dire inversion of the runaway population growth seen in the early 1980s.