onsdag 25. august 2021

China Calls Biden 'Laughing Stock' as COVID Origins Probe Reportedly Ends Inconclusively

After months of research, the Intelligence Community is reportedly still at a loss for the definitive origin of the COVID-19 pandemic, a result Chinese state media used to discredit President Joe Biden. Biden received a classified report about the COVID-19 origin from the Intelligence Community on Tuesday, according to The Washington Post. The hope was that the report would yield a better understanding about the COVID-19 origin, but the Intelligence Community is still reportedly unable to reach a consensus on whether the virus occurred naturally or originated in a laboratory.

China vehemently denies the pandemic could have begun with a laboratory accident, accusing those who float the theory of using the pandemic to forward an anti-China agenda. Ahead of the release of the report, the Global Times, a state-run media outlet chastised the origin investigation for being led by the Intelligence Community and not scientists.