mandag 30. august 2021

China bans exams for six-year-old school children

China has announced a ban on written exams for six and seven-year-olds. It's the latest effort to try and relieve pressure on parents and students in a highly competitive education system. Students used to be required to take exams from the first year of primary school, up until a university entrance exam at the age of 18. But the education ministry said the pressure is harming the "physical and mental health" of pupils.

In a statement, the ministry said: "Exams are a necessary part of school education.... [but] some schools have problems like excessive exams, that cause excessive burden on students...this must be corrected." The rules also limits the number of test and exams a school can set per term. "First and second grades of elementary school will not need to take paper-based exams. For other grades, the school can organise a final exam every semester. Mid-term exams are allowed for junior high. Localities are not allowed to organise regional or inter-school exams for all grades of primary school," the Ministry of Education (MOE) added.