mandag 23. august 2021

Beijing touts herbal fix for vaccine doubters

China’s public health authority is recommending hundreds-year-old traditional prescriptions for people to fortify themselves against Covid mutations as infections among fully vaccinated workers have damaged trust in modern, homegrown shots. The National Health Commission (NHC) and National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine issued a list of historical and modernized herbal and minerals prescriptions from ancient herbology volumes earlier this month that are believed to be able to neutralize the “miasma” and “evil field” of Covid-19 and thus prevent infections.

This week, newspapers in eastern Zhejiang province reported that the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) department of the province’s public health committee had asked all public hospitals and clinics there to disburse free herbal teas, soups and even scented sachets to help people stave off the virus.

This is part of Zhejiang’s new measures to stem the spread of the more contagious Delta variant, which has been reported across two-thirds of provinces and municipalities since early July, when border controls failed to shut out the new strain.