torsdag 8. juli 2021

Pew survey: India is neither a melting pot nor a salad bowl

For long, societies have been described as melting pots and salad bowls. The first encourage immigrants to fuse into a dominant culture; in the second, immigrants retain their own characteristics while integrating into a new society. India is apparently neither, according to a new study by US-based Pew Research Center. The non-profit fact tank has released this comprehensive survey on religion in India after talking to some 30,000 people in 17 languages. Hindus make up 80% of the population, while Muslims comprise 14%.

When it comes to religion, the study finds that Indians of all faiths support, at once, religious tolerance and religious segregation. The majority (84%) say that "respect" for other religions is an important part of their identity and to being truly Indian. Yet a substantial number of them do not want neighbours who belong to another religion, and are opposed to interfaith and inter-caste marriages. They also prefer making friends within their own religious community.