onsdag 7. juli 2021

Nine, Including Schoolchildren, Arrested in Hong Kong Over Alleged Explosives Plot

Authorities in Hong Kong have arrested nine people, including high-school students as young as 15, on suspicion of allegedly "preparing" to make explosives. "Five males and four females have been arrested by the national security police on suspicion of "organizing a terrorist attack" and "running an explosives laboratory," Hong Kong's police force said in a statement on its Facebook page.

The suspects included six secondary school students, and were part of a group called Returning Valiant, national security police senior superintendent Steve Li told journalists on Tuesday. Police displayed a number of items they said were seized from a hostel room where the arrestees were allegedly "preparing" to make explosives, based on the presence of "chemicals that could be turned into TATP." Li claimed that the group planned to detonate explosives in cars and trash bins.

Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam called for the close "monitoring" of children and young people to prevent them from being "indoctrinated" through unsupervised use of the internet.