lørdag 3. juli 2021

International Public Opinion Gives China's CCP, Xi Jinping Low Ratings: Report

As the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) marks its centenary amid a wave of state propaganda aimed at audiences at home and overseas, international public opinion of Beijing remains low, a new research report has found.

A Pew Research Center poll of 18,850 people across 17 developed economies earlier this year found that views of China "remain largely negative." "Large majorities in most of the advanced economies surveyed have broadly negative views of China," the report found. Negative opinions of China accounted for around 88 percent of respondents in Japan, 80 percent in Sweden, 78 percent in Australia, and 76 percent in the United States, the report said. "Confidence in Chinese President Xi Jinping remains at or near historic lows in most places surveyed," the report found.  "In all but one of the 17 publics surveyed, majorities say they have little or no confidence in him – including half or more in Australia, France, Sweden and Canada who say they have no confidence in him at all."

However, China did score more highly than the U.S. in one key area: its perceived handling of the coronavirus pandemic, according to Pew report author Laura Silver.