tirsdag 13. juli 2021

How Should the U.S. Approach Climate Diplomacy with China?

During the Trump Administration, American media routinely touted China as the new climate leader. Days before Trump took office, President Xi Jinping and other Chinese officials spoke of the need to maintain global climate cooperation. Last year, Xi surprised many when he announced at the UN General Assembly that China would reach carbon neutrality by 2060.

But a new American president and the economic realities of post-COVID recovery have shifted global climate approaches yet again. Struggling to revive a flagging economy, China has been quietly rolling back emissions restrictions and reducing the scope of an ambitious carbon market scheme, The Wall Street Journal reported last month. The U.S., meanwhile, has re-committed to the Paris climate accord, and the Biden administration has pushed China to lower its emissions—which now exceed all OECD nations combined (though remain lower per capita than many).