fredag 9. juli 2021

Four Tibetan Monks Handed Harsh Prison Terms After Police Raid: Report

Chinese authorities in Tibet last year sentenced four Tibetan monks to long prison terms following a violent raid by police on their monastery in Tingri county, a New York-based rights group said in a report released this week. The raid followed the discovery in September 2019 of a cell phone containing messages sent to monks living outside Tibet and records of financial contributions made to a monastery in Nepal damaged in a 2015 earthquake, Human Rights Watch said in its July 6 report, “Prosecute Them With Awesome Power.”

The discovery of the phone owned by Choegyal Wangpo, a monk at Tingri’s Tengdro monastery, prompted his arrest and beating under interrogation, and was followed by a raid by armed police who assaulted the monastery and 20 private homes in Dranak, a village nearby, HRW said, citing sources in the region. Police carrying out the raid beat resident monks and seized religious texts and photographs of exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, the rights group said, adding that Chinese authorities then launched a program of daily political indoctrination the monks were forced to attend.