fredag 9. juli 2021

Dozens of Pro-Democracy Politicians Resign in Hong Kong Ahead of Oath Requirement

Dozens of democratically elected district council members in Hong Kong are resigning amid government plans to screen and disqualify them through a new political vetting system and compulsory oaths of allegiance. The government will likely tell members of the District Council this month that they will be required to take a pledge of allegiance to the government, and up to 230 pro-democracy members elected in a post-protest movement landslide in 2019 could lose their seats, according to local media reports.

While the pro-democracy camp took control of all but one of the city's 18 councils in November 2019, 49 councilors resigned this week, citing a law requiring them to take oaths that was passed in May. Some also face "subversion" charges under a draconian national security law imposed on Hong Kong by the CCP from July 1, 2020, for taking part in a democratic primary in the same summer.

Shatin district councilor Yau Man-chun was among those to resign on Thursday, telling reporters that they were "frustrated" at constant obstruction by government officials. "The main reason is that I am disappointed, and I need to take some time to calm down and rest," Yau told reporters. "We have experienced this sense of powerlessness actually since the very start of the current term of the District Council."