tirsdag 27. juli 2021

Chinese city ‘disappears’ after being swallowed up by huge 300ft wall of sand

An ancient northwestern city in China was engulfed in a huge wall of sand hundreds of feet high in a scene that looks straight from a disaster film. Dramatic footage filmed by a resident shows the city of Dunhuang, on the fringes of the Gobi desert, swallowed by a sandstorm on Sunday afternoon. The popular tourist spot momentarily disappeared under the 300ft high yellow dust clouds that blew in from the desert, turning the city red then black.

Police had to shut major roads in the city, which has a long history as an ancient Silk Road outpost, and urged motorists to wait in service areas for the storm to pass. A resident surnamed Zhang told local media, Jimu News, that the storm came abruptly and swept through the city in five or six minutes.