lørdag 17. juli 2021

Chinese authorities say unvaccinated parents can't send children to school

Students will not be allowed back in school in September unless their entire family is fully vaccinated, some local governments in China have said. Several cities also said people needed to be vaccinated to enter public venues such as hospitals and supermarkets. China joins other including France and Greece, which have made jabs mandatory in some sectors. China has set a national target of inoculating 64% of its population by the end of the year.

"Those who are not yet inoculated should hurry and get jabbed to avoid affecting your child's return to school," read a notice posted in Guangxi province earlier this week, adding that this ruling applied to students of all ages.

Local governments in other provinces, including Jiangxi and Henan, issued similar directives to say that only pupils whose families are vaccinated would be allowed to attend the new autumn semester. But the rules differ significantly from region to region.