tirsdag 6. juli 2021

China's 'Three-Child' Population Drive Has Yet to be Implemented Locally

Officials in China have yet to receive instructions for the implementation of the country's newly announced "three child" population policy. The ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) unveiled new plans at the end of May to boost flagging birth rates and reverse population aging, raising the official limit on the number of children per couple from two to three.

The move came five years after the CCP scrapped a historic policy limiting most couples to just one child, which gave rise to decades of human rights abuses, including forced late-term abortions and sterilizations, as well as widespread monitoring of women's fertility by officials.

However, a family-planning official in the southwestern province of Guizhou said the policy has yet to be implemented on the ground, and that couples who give birth to a third child are still regarded as having breached the current, two-child limit. "The situation right now is that the [three-child] policy has not yet been implemented," an official who answered the phone at the Guizhou provincial government family planning bureau on Tuesday told RFA. "The three-child policy hasn't yet been implemented and has not yet been introduced," the official said. "Third pregnancies are still being treated as excess births."