lørdag 10. juli 2021

China will respond with 'relentless retaliation' if the EU sanctions Hong Kong and Chinese officials

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has urged the European Parliament to stop “political grandstanding” after the latter passed a resolution on Thursday urging the European Union to take action against China for its repression in Xinjiang and Hong Kong.

“For quite some time, some politicians of the European Parliament, out of self-interest, have repeatedly taken confrontational actions on Hong Kong and other issues concerning China’s sovereignty, security, and territorial integrity, and meddled with Hong Kong affairs time and again,” an unnamed spokesperson for the Office of the Commissioner of China’s Foreign Ministry in Hong Kong said in a statement on Friday. “What they have done is political grandstanding and [is] a stumbling block to mutually beneficial cooperation between China and the EU, arousing strong indignation and resolute opposition of all the Chinese people, including Hong Kong compatriots.”