lørdag 24. juli 2021

China has a ‘lying flat’ youth problem

A passive depression is taking hold among China’s disillusioned Generations Y, Z and millennials, as many quit the rat race, shrug off societal norms and expectations, and close their ears to the state’s preaching about stamina and self-realization. These youth have chosen to leave their underpaid jobs, forgo most consumption and withdraw socially to instead lie around the house – a repose that has given rise to the movement’s “lie flat” credo.

Their ranks are reportedly swelling as more become disenchanted with what likely lies ahead in terms of career, relationship and social mobility. Many express on social media that they feel they can no longer endure the hardships, frustrations and emptiness of trying to get ahead in China’s workplaces.

While they lie flat and live off their parents or meager social welfare, they are becoming increasingly bold and creative in their self-mockery, dissatisfaction and lackadaisical lifestyle. Some refer to themselves as “chives,” online argot that likens the state’s and their employers’ perceived exploitation to “cheap chives being chopped.”