lørdag 31. juli 2021

Britain is 'a bi*ch asking for a beating' with its South China Sea warship challenge, Beijing warns

China has warned Britain is 'a bi*ch... asking for a beating' if British warships challenge Beijing's claim to the South China Sea.  The HMS Queen Elizabeth and her carrier group arrived in the disputed waters on Thursday and are set to sail through Beijing's backyard alongside eight other vessels in a show of strength to Chinese President Xi Jingping. But Chinese state media has warned any move seen as a challenge to islands which Beijing lays claim to would mean Britain 'is being a bi*ch' and 'asking for a beating'.

Editor-in-chief of the state-run Global Times Hu Xijin said China would 'make an example' of any British incursion into waters claimed by Beijing.  'US ships have repeatedly entered the 12-nautical-mile limit of Chinese islets in the South China Sea, and China has exercised maximum restraint,' he said.  'But it doesn't mean we will tolerate such provocations for long, and it definitely doesn't mean US allies can imitate Washington's dangerous acts. To say it precisely, if the UK wants to play the role to coerce China in the South China Sea, then it is being a bitch. If it has any substantial move, it is asking for a beating.'  

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