søndag 4. juli 2021

American tech author believes Beijing has rushed to create a total security state in Xinjiang without fully grasping how it works

The long-held nightmare of machines controlling man, widely believed to exist only in science fiction, has come to digital life. It is not happening in the kind of futuristic urban megalopolis beloved by Sci-Fi movie directors – but on a dusty frontier in China. Its chronicler, American Geoffrey Cain, is a tech author. However, the genesis of his latest book was not technology per se, but the interconnections between technology, politics and geography.

Though it is a crossroads where multiple cultures, religions and political systems have interfaced, interconnected, clashed and traded, the geography in question is little known in the West. “What always interested me was the Eurasian region –from Xian to Eastern Europe and the Middle East –where the Silk Roads ran,” Cain, whose new book The Perfect Police State was published this week, told Asia Times in an interview.