lørdag 19. juni 2021

LinkedIn blocks profiles from view in China if sensitive topics mentioned

LinkedIn is blocking profiles from being viewed inside China if they mention politically sensitive topics such as the Tiananmen Square massacre, including benign references to academic study. In recent weeks, the professional networking site has written to several China analysts, alerting them to “prohibited content” on their profile pages.

It told Swedish writer and photographer Jojje Olsson via email that a reference in his education section meant his profile, comments and posts would “not be made viewable in China”. Olsson said his education section included a one-line mention of his university thesis on the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. The LinkedIn email, which Olsson posted on Twitter, said the company would work with him “to minimise the impact and … review your profile’s accessibility within China if you update the education section of your profile”.

It said it was Olsson’s decision whether or not to update it. “The censorship of my profile is not because of any posts or comments that I made, but because the topic of my degree essay over a decade ago,” Olsson told the Guardian. “I believe LinkedIn is really reckless with its own credibility, when as a professional networking site it is censoring the academic background of its users.”