mandag 14. juni 2021

Hong Kong Censors to Screen Movies For 'National Security' Breaches

The Hong Kong government announced on Friday that all films, especially documentaries, will soon be vetted for breaches of a draconian national security law imposed on the city by the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The government set out guidelines "to provide censors with clearer guidelines on film examination" under the National Security Law for Hong Kong, which took effect on July 2020 by decree from Beijing. "It is the duty of the [government] under the Constitution to safeguar national security," a spokesman for the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau said in a statement on the government's website. "The executive authorities [must] effectively prevent, suppress and impose punishment for any act or activity endangering national security," he said. "The censor must abide by these provisions."

Film censors in Hong Kong have previously focused on classifying films for suitability for specific age groups, and on whether they contain pornographic material considered unsuitable for general release. Now, they will be required to be "vigilant" for depictions of actions that could breach the national security law, for example, by appearing to support or endorse such actions.