lørdag 19. juni 2021

Hong Kong: Apple Daily staff treat ‘every day like it is our last’ as leaders appear in court

Two executives from Hong Kong’s pro-democracy Apple Daily have appeared in court, charged with collusion after authorities deployed a sweeping national security law to target the newspaper critical of Beijing. Editor-in-chief Ryan Law and chief executive Cheung Kim-hung are accused of colluding with foreign forces to undermine China’s national security over a series of articles that police said called for international sanctions.

It is the first time the political views and opinion published by a Hong Kong media outlet have triggered the security law, imposed last year by Beijing to stamp out dissent in the financial hub. Dozens of supporters queued on Saturday to get seats in court, including many former and current employees of Apple Daily. One staff member, who gave her surname as Chang, said she and many other employees treat “every day like it is our last” working for the paper. “At first, authorities said the national security law would only target a tiny number of people,” she said. “But what has happened showed us that is nonsense.”