onsdag 9. juni 2021

Fudan University Party Secretary's Murder Rocks Chinese Academia

Police in Shanghai are investigating the murder of a ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official at the city's prestigious Fudan University, as he was firing a colleague in the School of Mathematics. Fudan's School of Mathematical Sciences confirmed on Tuesday the death of Wang Yongzhen, who was party secretary for the School, official media reported. Shanghai police said they had arrested a lecturer surnamed Jiang for allegedly stabbing a colleague, surnamed Wang, who died at the scene.

The School posted condolences for Wang on its website, saying his death was a great loss to the school, with the website using black and white color scheme in mourning, the Global Times newspaper reported The university said it would fully cooperate with the police investigation. The victim, Wang Yongzhen, 49, was stabbed on the afternoon of June 7, as he was in the process of firing lecturer Jiang Wenhua from his teaching post, reports said.

A science professor who gave only the surname Luo blamed a recruitment policy among top Chinese universities, which try to attract overseas academics with jobs back home in China, but then fire them if they don't attract enough research funding. "These universities, especially the lower-ranking ones in the western part of the country, will hire new PhDs as adjuncts on the basis that they will be demoted to lecturer if they fail to get promoted to associate professor level within four years," Luo said.