onsdag 16. juni 2021

Despite tough talk at G7 and NATO summits Biden administration is more quietly pursuing selective cooperation with Beijing

The European countries have their own plans, welcoming US leadership and resuscitating trans-Atlanticism while not jeopardizing their cooperation with China. They will tread softly regarding Washington’s calls to crack down on China. Cooperation in business circles will not be dented because enterprises will vote with their feet.

CNN reported that the leaders of the Group of Seven aired serious differences over how best to approach China during a session of the recent G7 summit, with Germany and Italy in particular, as well as European Union leaders, opposed to dealing with Beijing in a confrontational manner. As The New York Times highlighted, there is “anxiety” in Europe generally about US politics. Ian Lesser, a vice-president of the German Marshall Fund of the United States, was quoted as saying: “Simply, what is going to happen in the midterm elections? Whether Trumpism will prove more durable than Mr Trump. What is coming next in American politics?”