torsdag 3. juni 2021

China suspends ultramarathons after death of 21 runners

China has suspended all ultramarathon and long-distance races after 21 runners died when extreme weather struck a race last month. High winds and freezing rain hit participants in a 100km (60-mile) ultramarathon in Gansu province. The race was halted when some of the 172 runners went missing, and a rescue operation was launched.

Now China is suspending all high-risk sports events that lack clear oversight, rules and safety standards.The suspended sports include trail running, desert trekking, wingsuit flying and ultra-long distance races, according to a statement by China's General Administration of Sport. It is unclear how long the suspension will last. The ill-fated race took place in Yellow River Stone Forest, a tourist site in Gansu province, on 22 May. Runners set off at 09:00 local time (01:00 GMT), with some wearing just shorts and T-shirts.