onsdag 23. juni 2021

China Mounts Massive Security Operation in Beijing Ahead of Centenary

Authorities in the Chinese capital have stepped up security measures ahead of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s centenary celebration on July 1, while rights activists and dissidents are being forced to leave town by state security police, RFA has learned. One video clip uploaded to social media showed more than 200 buses filled with People's Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers in full camouflage with weapons driving into Beijing's iconic Bird's Nest stadium. Another showed dozens of police officers with police dogs on Chongwenmen Street near Chaoyang district.

Beijing residents reported an increase in the number of People's Armed Police on the streets of the capital, as well as plainclothes officers of the state security police. At the gates of residential compounds, retired elderly people wearing red armbands were on duty, watching everyone entering and leaving. Beijing-based political activist Zha Jianguo said he is also under surveillance.

"This time because of the centenary, there is an unprecedented level of stability maintenance; the tightest I've seen in years," he said. "There is a detail following me now," Zha said. "They follow me everywhere, even when I go to the hospital. There are people on duty at my door round the clock. They started from June 15, and will carry on until the beginning of July."