fredag 4. juni 2021

China Communist party ‘striving for people’s happiness’, says Xi Jinping, in call for charm offensive

China needs to improve the way it tells the world stories about itself, and convince people the ruling party is striving for the happiness of all Chinese people, Xi Jinping has said. The Chinese president’s comments to a Communist party meeting on Tuesday come amid the country’s growing isolation in the global community, and tension with international media, largely driven by international concerns over human rights abuses.

Suggesting continued concern over Beijing’s negative image, Xi said it was crucial that China develop a stronger “international voice” which matches its national strength and global status, to present a “true, three-dimensional and comprehensive China” to the world, according to state news agency Xinhua. “We should strengthen the propaganda and interpretation of the Communist party of China, and help foreign people realise that the Communist party of China [CCP] really strives for the happiness of the Chinese people,” the report cited Xi as saying. The official English translation by Xinhua refers to “publicity” rather than “propaganda”.