torsdag 27. mai 2021

Yang Hengjun: Australian writer says he is unafraid of ‘suffering and torture’ ahead of trial in China

Yang Hengjun, the Australian democracy activist who goes on trial for espionage in China on Thursday, says he is unafraid of the “suffering and torture” of a potential long prison sentence, and he wishes he could keep writing to “help China to understand the world”.

In a letter dictated from detention, where he has been held more than two years and interrogated more than 300 times, he urged a friend “don’t worry about me”. “I will face suffering and torture with resilience … I will face each day with dignity. “There is nothing more liberating than having one’s worst fears realised. I have no fear now. I will never compromise.” Yang’s letter urged his friends and supporters to preserve his writings. “If worse comes to worst, if someone wants to take revenge on me for my writings, please explain to the people inside China what I did, and the significance of my writing to people in China.