lørdag 1. mai 2021

'Some days, it doesn't feel right': As India battles a devastating second wave of Covid-19, the IPL plays on

Cricket fan Shitu Anand Patil has recently recovered from Covid-19. She's also acutely aware of the suffering families in India are gripped by amid an overwhelming surge in coronavirusinfections. Those circumstances explain the unease she has sometimes been feeling while watching the Indian Premier League (IPL), the country's most lucrative sporting competition which has continued even as the number of coronavirus deaths mount. On Thursday, India reported almost 380,000 new infections -- another global record for the highest single-day case count -- and 3,600 deaths.

"I just recovered from Covid 10 days ago and every next family that you hear, so many people in their family, friends, they've been losing people," Anand Patil, who runs a design and advertizing company in Mumbai, told CNN Sport. "A couple of my friends we lost; we keep hearing of families who needs urgent support."