mandag 10. mai 2021

'Retaliatory punishment': Chinese paper calls for strike on 'Australian soil'

China should consider “long-range strikes” if war with the West eventuates, according to an editorial in the country’s pro-government newspaper which threatened potential Chinese bombing of "Australian soil". Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of Chinese Communist Party’s mouthpiece, The Global Times, wrote in an editorial Friday he believes China should prepare "to impose retaliatory punishment against Australia" if it interferes with the county's actions in the Taiwan Strait.

"Given that Australian hawks keep hyping or hinting that Australia will assist the US military and participate in war once a military conflict breaks out in the Taiwan Straits, and the Australian media outlets have been actively promoting the sentiment, I suggest China make a plan to impose retaliatory punishment against Australia," he wrote. "The plan should include long-range strikes on the military facilities and relevant key facilities on Australian soil if it really sends its troops to China's offshore areas and combats against the PLA (People’s Liberation Army).

"China should also reveal this plan through non-official channels to deter the extreme forces of Australia and prevent them from taking the risk and committing irresponsible actions," the English-version article said.