søndag 30. mai 2021

How Will the Chinese Communist Party Withstand Increasing Calls for COVID-19 Pandemic Accountability?

After the massacre of students and civilians on June 4, 1989, ending weeks of demonstrations in Tiananmen Square, Beijing held its collective breath for nearly three years. How could the party survive the betrayal of its people, having used as its instrument the very army that “liberated” them in 1949 in the first place?

Today, 32 years later, China is facing unrelenting criticism and calls for accountability related to the origins of the virus causing COVID-19, which to date has killed at least 3,500,000 people worldwide. To understand the extent to which the CCP will go to maintain its innocence as the source of the virus and to continue to justify the supremacy of its leadership in China, there’s no better lesson than the chameleon-like maneuvers it made in the wake of the carnage in 1989.