torsdag 27. mai 2021

Hong Kong Schools Record Exodus of Students as Families Leave The City

Primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong are facing a steady exodus of students in the wake of a draconian national security law that has ushered in a city-wide crackdown on public criticism of the authorities, according to a major teachers' union. According to a recent poll of 180 schools by the city's Professional Teachers' Union (PTU), hundreds of pupils look set to leave schools in Hong Kong by the summer vacation. More than half of schools said more than 10 of their students were leaving, while four schools noted an exodus of more than 50 students during this semester.

PTU head Fung Wai-wah said many parents are emigrating overseas amid safety concerns, as a newly established force of national security police have been arresting people for peaceful political activities deemed harmful to Hong Kong. In January, 47 pro-democracy activists and former opposition lawmakers were arrested on suspicion of "subversion" under the national security law, for taking part in a democratic primary election that was designed to maximize the number of opposition seats in the Legislative Council (LegCo).

Chief executive Carrie Lam responded by postponing the LegCo elections until December 2021, prompting the mass resignation of the rest of the opposition camp.