tirsdag 11. mai 2021

Coronavirus released intentionally, China using misinformation to mislead world: Chinese virologist

The coronavirus was discovered after a lot of investment by China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) and was intentionally released from a lab as a bio-weapon, Chinese virologist Dr Le-Meng Yan said. Yan, who was previously a post-doctoral fellow at Hong Kong University, fled to United States in April last year. In a paper published in September last year, she claimed that coronavirus was created by China in a research lab.

"...this document is one of the 'smoking gun' that can prove China has a long-term programme of non-traditional bio-weapons and (plans) to use it to conquer the whole world," Yan told India Today in an interview. She was referring to the leaked documents sourced by the US State Department which said Chinese military scientists investigated weaponising coronaviruses five years before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yan said China's objective is to deny the allegations and use misinformation to mislead the world when people realise the virus has come from a lab.