mandag 10. mai 2021

Chinese University Plan Causes Security Concerns in Hungary

Budapest, Hungary, is one of the loveliest old cities of Europe. Millions of people visit the Hungarian capital each year. Most explore the old town area where they can see many beautiful buildings that are many hundreds of years old. South of that area and across the Danube River there is another part of Budapest that few people would want to see. Empty buildings in disrepair fill this disorderly area. It was abandoned thirty years ago when the Soviet Union came to an end. But now, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wants to build a new, large university, headquartered in Shanghai, China.

This week, Hungary signed an agreement to become the first European Union member country to open a Chinese university. The government’s unusual partnership is with the Shanghai-based Fudan University. The Budapest site is designed to serve about 6,000 students. It is to open by 2024.

Fudan is a respected university. Experts consider it among the top 100 universities in the world. Hungarian officials say Fudan’s presence will help raise the country’s higher education standard and bring in Chinese investment and research. The University also has sworn its loyalty to the ruling Chinese Communist Party.