torsdag 13. mai 2021

Chinese county bans birthday parties in bid to be frugal

A county in southwest China has banned birthday parties and other celebrations, following calls from the central government to be more frugal. It also set out new rules for weddings and funerals, including a ban on cash gifts more than 200 yuan (£22, US$31). The rules in Funing county only apply to all communist party members, civil servants and village organisation leaders - not to most residents.

It is a traditional Chinese custom to give cash gifts at parties. However, they have also been used as bribes for influential hosts. This is not the first time the Communist Party has cracked down on its members. In 2015, they were banned from extravagant eating and drinking, joining golf clubs or entering private clubs, as part of an anti-corruption drive. However, China has generally for years been calling on its citizens to hold more "simple and moderate" weddings, condemning "extravagance and wastefulness".