onsdag 12. mai 2021

China's lack of a free press is coming back to bite as the West piles criticism on its Xinjiang and Taiwan policies

The issue of Xinjiang is a major controversy, pitting China against the Western media. Western media outlets claim China is carrying out a genocide in Xinjiang and China denies the allegations. Yet as time goes by, China’s counter-claims sound weaker and weaker and despite all efforts to address this issue, China is caught in a bind. The issue is actually very simple: China doesn’t guarantee free access to Xinjiang because it fears that journalists going there will be prejudiced against China and therefore their reporting will be unfair.

On the other hand, the lack of free access to Xinjiang is taken by Western media as evidence of foul play by China in the region. Most importantly, the Chinese media’s lack of independence, their dependence on the state, and the lack of a free democratic political system where independent media can thrive are considered further evidence of something fishy going on in Xinjiang.There is not actually much China can do or say at the present moment that can reverse the trend. In fact, the more China strives to tell its story, the more this story is taken as propaganda and therefore simply aggravates China’s position in the world.