lørdag 15. mai 2021

China Media Says U.S. 'Will Be Defeated,' Boasts Army Can Overwhelm American Troops

The editor of China's hawkish Communist Party newspaper has insisted the United States "will be defeated" if it engages in combat with the nation in its adjacent waters. Hu Xijin, Global Times editor-in-chief, called for more expansion of China's military in order to counter Washington's strategy of containment and force a change in attitude among key U.S. partners.

Wednesday's editorial came a day after Tokyo began hosting U.S., Frenchand Australian troops for the first such joint military exercises on Japanese soil. The drills will last through next Monday, when their respective navies will train in the East China Sea. "The purpose of the exercise is to pressure China and send a signal that the U.S. and Japan could bring more allies together to contain China," Hu wrote, adding that he felt the administration of President Joe Biden has been testing China's response to the multilateral defense strategy.