søndag 2. mai 2021

China is stepping up its diplomatic bravado, testing how hard Biden will push back

Top U.S. government officials are studying China’s increased diplomatic bravado and growing military assertiveness with all the intensity of elite athletes pouring over game films of their most resourceful rival. From the CIA to the White House, and from the Pentagon to Foggy Bottom, what these officials are reporting is a far greater willingness by China to go on the offensive in the first 100 days of the Biden administration. The Chinese are readier to push back against real and imagined slights from the United States and its allies, even as they escalate warnings and military activities around Taiwan.

The new messaging from Beijing has been consistent: the Biden administration, in trying to undermine China’s rise, is promoting a false and dangerous narrative of competition between democratic and autocratic systems. Thus, countries around the world must decide whether to follow the divisive but declining United States or embrace a rising, unifying, and nonjudgmental China.