mandag 17. mai 2021

China home to 30 million men in search of a bride, census shows

China’s long-standing preference for male babies means it now has about 30 million unmarried men, and despite the latest census suggesting a slight increase in the number of girls being born, the problem is unlikely to be resolved any time soon, experts say.

According to China’s seventh national population census, as announced by the National Bureau of Statistics last week, of the 12 million babies born last year there were 111.3 boys for every 100 girls. In the previous nationwide study, completed in 2010, the ratio was 118.1 to 100. The numbers underscore the prevailing desire of Chinese families to have sons rather than daughters, according to Stuart Gieten-Basten, a professor of social science and public policy at Hong Kong University of Science of Technology. “Normally in China, men marry women who are much younger than they are, but as the population ages, there are even more older men, which exaggerates the situation,” he said.